The Challenge

The ever-changing Facebook algorithm can make it a challenge for brands to connect organically with fans. However, Facebook’s micro-targeting features allow brands to reach their target audience and get the most important messages in front of potential customers.

While that sounds absolutely great, it also takes more than just boosting an existing post from a Facebook page to get the best results! The technicalities such as ad types, targeting options, and best practices (image dimensions, copywriting, etc.) make advanced campaign strategies more than just a few clicks – it’s a whole new ball game!

First Kick Academy, one of the best soccer schools in Singapore offering youth football, had initially taken this scope of work in-house.

The Solution

After understanding the requirements from First Kick Academy, our team set up several sets of lead ads that are used to promote open houses, free trials, and holiday camps.

We also created a seamless experience for the group of audience who prefer communicating through mobile messaging by running ads that users can click to open a chat with First Kick Academy in WhatsApp.

8traordinary is also the branding and marketing agency of First Kick Academy’s parent company - Ark Sports Management.

The Results

We’ve reduced cost per lead to more than 50% as compared to when ads were implemented in-house!

What our client has to say:
“I have worked with many agencies in the past, but 8traordinary stands out in many ways. They have a clear direction for our brand and strategy to reach our target market. It has been a very good working experience since we engaged the team to take on our account. With the 8traordinary team taking charge of our marketing, I can focus my time on other important aspects of the business.”

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