Millenia Walk

Case Study

Millenia Walk

Singapore’s Premium Local Mall

What started off as a Digital and Social Media Agency appointment became a long-term partnership with Millenia Walk (MW) in anchoring their revamped identity as “Singapore’s Premium Local Mall.”

We first embarked on a journey to define how MW can create a differentiated experience for both their shoppers and online audiences.

“It is no longer good enough for malls to be passive places to buy stuff – they have to be engaging places to do stuff. Think about lunchtime office workers, families during weekends, and even tourists. Would they have different needs, preferences, and expectations?”

The new branding revolves around MW being a one-of-its-kind shopping mall in Singapore, and we created 4 key pillars (Home & Living, Dining, Fashion and Entertainment) to storytell these offerings and experiences on social.

With impactful campaigns and activations, we brought out the personality of MW which was then showcased through content for higher engagements.

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