Jimmy Johnson once said: “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little “extra”.” It essentially means that you’ve got to put in a bit more effort to really stand out – but why? Is it really worth it to try harder than you usually might so that you can shine a little more?

Work can be tough as it is, and sometimes it might seem like doing the bare minimum is the way to go – you get the basic stuff done, you go home, and that’s that. However, a lot of the time, doing more is the smartest way to get ahead, in many ways. It takes time and energy, but here are some reasons why being extraordinary in your work as a brand is the way to go, and how it can benefit your company.

  1. It shows your dedication

When you try a little harder, it’s a great indication that your brand cares about the work it does, and that it wants to ensure that its level of quality is up there! Taking your brand’s work seriously and taking its standard to the next level is a simple way of telling your audience that you sincerely seek to do a good job and that you can be counted on to produce quality work. Even if your work ends up needing some improvement with time, your hard work will be seen in the way that you approach the problems you aim to solve as a brand.

Asking your audience questions that will help you to cater to them even more effectively is one way you can demonstrate this! Displaying a want to do things right by attaining as much helpful information as possible shows that you aren’t afraid to seek knowledge and ask questions, which is always appreciated when it comes to overcoming a pain point accurately, rather than having to keep making changes to your product due to a lack of understanding.

At the end of the day, this helps both you and your audience – isn’t that the most ideal situation? Not to mention the fact that it gives your audience a better impression of you and reflects really well on your brand!

Source: Sarah Cervantes, Unsplash
  1. You learn more when you dig deeper

Your brand is likely to find that you’ll gain additional knowledge when you try a little harder in the work that you do as a company! If you spend a bit more time on your project, no matter what it is, you’re bound to learn something new each time! And this applies to all sorts of tasks! When researching, spending extra time on finding information can often give you more refined and fleshed out material to work with that you could apply to future projects! For example, customer insights that you gain for one project can be effectively applied to future projects when they are elaborately researched! As you dig deeper, you learn more, granting more ease and clarity for other projects!

Source: Jo Szczepanska, Unsplash
  1. You will feel more fulfilled

Going above and beyond to produce a good piece of work might take a lot of effort, and it may feel like a tiring process at times. After all, some projects can already be very time consuming as it is – adding the desire to turn that piece of work into a superbly admirable one that stands out can be additionally pressurising, albeit necessary. Still, it is important to consider the fact that the work your company does is meant to be fulfilling! When you look back on the effort you put into a project and the outcome of it, you ought to feel proud and satisfied with your brand for having tried so hard. And that’s what aiming to be extraordinary in your projects can get you! When you aim high and push your brand a little more, you will feel more content because no one can say that your company gave anything less than its best at the moment! Anna Rowley said it best: “To find fulfillment is to dream, to strive and struggle, and, oftentimes, to engage with adversity.” Adversity pushes you further! Don’t be afraid to endure it, and give a little more. It may be difficult, but it will only make you better and stronger as a company with time.

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We’re always told to work hard and do our best – and for good reason! The lengths that you go to, to produce extraordinary work, will benefit you the most! Of course, it’s important to know your own limits and to ensure that you are not pushing yourself and your fellow colleagues too hard – your wellbeing has to come first! As long as you are working within those limits, don’t be scared to go out of your comfort zone and do more to stand out! Do it for your brand; do it to grow and be better, and we’re sure that you’ll gain so much from it in the long run 🙂


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Hero image: Dylan Nolte, Unsplash