Case Study


The World’s Best Friend

Toshiba being a new entrant in the consumer market for air conditioners needed just that edge to stand up against the competition and stand out from the crowd.

“You either find a way to stand out or you fade into the background.”

It can also be hard to get marketing messages across to potential customers because competitors are vying for the same attention with higher budget.

So how can we use the most effective creative, strategy, platform and media to cut through the clutter? Working with Toshiba, we leveraged on the brand and product’s unique offerings to not only create maximum awareness, but to also build a strong branding and boost brand affinity.

And while everyone is shouting about 5-tick energy efficiency, we crafted a two-pronged strategy to break the monotony. Tapping on influencer marketing, we engaged TOSH and a SHIBA Inu to increase brand recall. Our tagline: “The World’s Best Friend” also goes beyond eco-friendliness to establish authenticity and relevance with humans by sharing the dreams of mankind.

Lastly, effectively media planning was crucial in getting our communications out to the right audiences via the right platforms at the right time.

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