Singapore Design Week 2019

Case Study

Singapore Design Week 2019

What Does “Design” Mean to You?

One thing’s for sure, design is a lot more than just looking great. To us, design is also more than functionality. Good design can improve the way we live, work, and play – it’s all about the intangible experience.

So how can we bring design concepts and bold, abstract ideas to Millenia Walk while not diluting their positioning as “Singapore’s Premium Local Mall”? The next question is then, how can we make it relevant and interesting to the shoppers?

Working with Singapore Design Week 2019 and Millenia Walk, we created an O2O (online to offline and offline to online) experiential campaign to help different audience segments interpret what good design means to them and understand how good design should help us in our work, play, and spaces.

Stretching the creative from just an aesthetic campaign, we also brought “Design Thinking” to the mall where shoppers could have a voice and get to pen down thoughts on how design can change our lives for the better.

Lastly, an upside-down photo booth was set up in Millenia Walk to help shoppers imagine the possibilities beyond gravity.

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